1. Thank you Kathy.

    I came upon this in the Hope Writer’s Facebook group, Friday Shares.

    Funny thing;

    Number one: God has been speaking to me in many ways about being more intentional in my prayer life, not just praying for myself and my family, but that prayer is a weapon against our enemy, and it is also how we come up under our sisters and brothers in the faith, we hold them up in prayer.

    Number two: I tried twice to get to the beginning of the comments and each time it took me to the beginning of the hope writers feed. The third time I decided to read the comment that kept showing up, yours, and am I ever glad I did…

    Thank you, I just wanted you to know, your words landed where they were intended. Another note from God to me, “Pray my child, pray.”

    Love, a fellow hope writer,


    • Kathy Schwanke

      Dear Renee,
      Thank you for sharing how God guided you and encouraged you!
      I am so sorry I am just now seeing this comment, it’s been a crazy week here. I do pray for grace in your life to establish more intentional times of prayer and that He will encourage you with glorious answers!

      God bless you,

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