Come, Grow, Go Light Your World
(First given at Set Apart Conference 2016)
When we accept the invitation from Jesus to “Come” for salvation, we leave our old life behind and follow him. Each of us has a unique role in our eternal Family mission, which is fleshed out in our private prayer closets, and in our Family gatherings through worship, fellowship, and prayer. We are empowered and equipped by the Holy Spirit to “Go and make disciples” with promised rewards in eternity for our faithful acts.In this workshop we will look at the journey of growth and the responsibility we have as God’s children to listen for, trust, and obey His voice. Kathy will encourage you in your role by sharing how the Lord patiently enabled her to overcome her timidity and be active in sharing her faith in her church, community, and online.

Your Journey With God, Getting Fit For A Crown
(Formerly~A Crown Of Beauty Instead of Ashes~ Living As A Daughter Of The King] (First given at Set Apart Conference/ 2015)
Though disappointment, heartache, and loss often mark our lives, when we are in a relationship with Jesus, He promises to give us a victor’s crown of beauty instead of ashes. Our journeys are as unique as we are, but we will experience similar landmarks on the way to our Promised Land.
Based on Isaiah 61:1-3
Kathy experienced rejection in her childhood and later suffered anxiety, depression and loss. In this three or four-part message, Kathy shares how the Lord restored her soul and made her whole. Wherever you are on your journey, you can trust that God will bring beauty from your ashes.
Using the story of one woman’s encounter with Jesus in John’s gospel, and words from the prophets, she encourages you to leave the past behind and confidently embrace your mission, put on your royal attire, and walk in the power and dignity that Jesus purchased for you.

From Barren to Splashing in The Living Water
Needs arise in our lives continually. Often we cannot even articulate what our deepest longings are which lead us to make choices that we later regret. There is One who not only knows our longings better than we do, but Whose love chases us in order to fill them. This message will shine light on Jesus’ offer, desire and pursuit to fulfill your longings and how He may do that. From stories of my own places of barrenness, and of one woman’s encounter with Jesus in scripture, we gain hope and healing for our hearts’ empty places.

Secure in Life’s Storms: Our Anchor Holds
Sometimes crisis upon crisis come crashing in one on top of another, and we panic-reach for relief, hope, and someone to rescue us. Through stories from my storms, and one woman’s story in scripture, this message will equip us to stand strong in faith and hope during our times of trial. You will come away with practical ways you can become more anchored in your relationship with Jesus and weather any storm.

Anointed By His Grace, Secure In His Love
I walked through a valley that felt like death in my thirties. The darkest part was two and a half months of insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety and depression. You might say I was cornered by the devil. In this message I share how God rescued me and will always rescue you from any snare. There is great consolation for us who have been adopted by God. We can know that we are established as His children. Walking by faith always has at least a hint of fear because it requires us to do what we are unable to do. I encourage you through truth from scripture and from my own experience, that God is Sovereign even when it seems like all is out of control. You will learn how He equips and empowers you, His chosen one, to level every mountain that is set before you and how he uses lessons from the valleys for good in our lives and in other’s lives.
Get ready to take your promised land by bold, courageous faith!

Peace For Christmas
What is Christmas about really? How do we live in the light of it’s glory peacefully in the season of bustle and busy?
I hear the carol playing in the Mall: “Peace on Earth”…what does that mean? What causes stress, and why do we stress when we all long for peace? And how DO we get Peace For Christmas?
I share the message of my life of striving to cover my flaws and believing I had to perform to perfection in order to earn love and how Jesus flipped everything upside down when He was born in the stable of my heart.

His Presence, Our Joy
A Christmas message highlighting God’s presence in our deepest longings, His companionship in our darkest losses, and the joy that is always present because of Emmanuel.

~Wisdom and Grace in a Digital Age~ (Western Great Lakes Great Commission Women’s Retreat// April 24-26, 2015)

Youth Topics on: Biblical Dating and Sexual Purity/ Valuing God’s Word/ Jesus… the cure for Loneliness/ & Holy is Your Family Name/ Other topics are available upon request.