Where I’ve Been & Where I’m Going * Thoughts on Loneliness & Friendship

For a week I’ve been “under the weather” as they say . . . and currently kicking at the Southern snowy weather (and any rising fears) with my faith. Having spent hours yesterday rearranging flights due to cancellation of my connecting flight in North Carolina, I have three hours to wait here at MSP this … [Read more…]

New Wine Will Burst Old Wineskins

Jesus brought tension wherever he went. At every turn, His life confronted the Jewish culture. In studying the gospel of Mark, it became clear that at the start of his three-year ministry, Jesus meekly exploded onto the scene which had been quiet for a long time. Israel hadn’t had a prophet for 400 years. God had … [Read more…]

Who Is Your Hero? ~Ode to a Hard-Working Farm-Mama~ {Who Happens To Be Mine}

It’s 10:18pm. I’m watching the local (MN) news. I see two Wisconsin-born newscaster-girls who had never experienced dairy farming, they had  heard of something called, “agri-tourism” (I heard it first tonight myself!) and so they took a trip to a farm. They rented a place on a dairy farm to experience Dairy Farm life. At the top … [Read more…]