Kathy Schwanke

This is My Story

My best days are face to face T.I.M.E. with family and friends over coffee. Conversation and laughter with a little chocolate on top. Or a lot depending on the day . . .

I love to dive into the deeper things of life. And though I lean toward the serious, a bit of humor will slip out on occasion, making me want to check the mirror [did I say that?]

I am drawn to people who make me laugh, evidenced in the guy I married. And fortunately ‘nuts’ don’t fall far from trees, so our home has had its share of exuberance.

I am seriously passionate about God, His love, and His powerful, life giving, healing Word.

I blog about Jesus and what He teaches me, He is the Beautiful Light of the world.

When He enters a heart cracked open, ready to receive His truth, it’s like seeing sunlight dance on the water on a summer day; it’s wonderfully delightful.

A little about me:

A firstborn farm-girl, former hairstylist, former homeschooler, & former gift shop owner.

Married, two children, five grandchildren with another on the way, no dogs, just flowers.

Speaker, Writer, Bible Study teacher, Mentor, Blogger; generally a Soul-Encourager.

I love biking, gardening, cross-training, running, reading, chatting-(a lot), coffee (dark), traveling, photography, decorating, and social media.

May you TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD! Savor His Light with me!

In Real Life