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I wish I could embrace Him for real. To wrap my arms around Him . . .
To nestle into His heart, His mind, His life.

I hear Him, “Abide in Me.”

This is His invitation:
“Come to Me.
Everyone who thirsts,
come to the waters,
and he who has no money,
come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
without money and without price.”

Maker of beauty, when my feet wander beside the banks of Your quiet creek, glistening, reflecting sunshine, moving over stones worn smooth by it’s relentless meandering.

Where does water come from?


I know . . . the sky.
Surely dark clouds surrender tears to earth.
Droplets land amidst giant pools, lost in their immensity.

What is a drop in a sea?
So small.

What is the source of life?
I know, You.
Living water.

Spilled from sorrowing clouds.

Life is here: the seas . . .
lakes . . .
rivers . . .
streams . . .

Because Cloud sorrows.

Then wells draw forth Your Joy.

Springs, up from earth.

When You led your people out of bondage, You went before them, a Cloud.
You split the sea so they could walk right through it.

Commander of water.
Nothing is too hard for You.

Author of Life, Water-Giver . . . Water-Mover.

For life or for deliverance, You are the Way.

Are those Your tears?
Out there in the lake, the sun dancing outside my window?
Do they accumulate, pool for the return of Your beloved, Your lost ones?

You beckon the thirsty with Your beauty.

We all are satisfied, full, alive in Your River.

Help them know the want and need and panting is for Your Water.
Source of Life, free to drink, forever filled.

Lead them to the Rock that is Higher than their earthen idols,
that they may be refreshed in Your rivers of Joy.

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