1. Jane Leroux

    Your words are filled with the comfort of knowing God is with you. It reminds me of the armor we are to put on. Eph. 6:11-20 . For we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Many times I had to come to this word for comfort as the enemy wanted me to think I was wrestling agains your dad. He did not win we had many years of peace with each other. I miss him and now I seek the scriptures for the words that show me how to fill the emptiness with The Lord! It comes in bits and pieces. I also search for the boldness to stand and be faithful to the great commission in this troubled world. Your words help me, to remember the rainbow and look on the light things the bright things the good things Philippians 4:8 Thank you Kathy, your words are a comfort
    love Mom

  2. Gladys Guseck

    Totally beautiful story that you shared, Kathy! So wonderful how remembrances appear again to bring back the happy moments we’ve shared with loved ones. What a wonderful way to celebrate #33 with your Forever Love.

    Thanks for being so open. It can and will help others in their sometimes struggling times. Young lovers need to know ahead of time that marriage and their partner are not perfect, and also that it isn’t a 50/50 proposition……it has to be 100/100.

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