1. Jane Leroux

    wow! Makes me think of the evening I spent with you and Dale, praying until 4 in the morning.
    I still see him kicking that can. Our Lord takes us through amazing paths and we come full
    circle many times with a little growth at the end of each circle. There was a song we used to sing
    when on retreats, ” Little by little and day by day; little by little in every way my Jesus is changing me,
    He’s changing me. I’m not the same old person that I used to be, although it’s slow going still there’s
    knowing that some day like Him I will be. ” I was a child in the Lord back then, I’d like to think I’ve grown
    up a bit. ha true, but then I slip back and am so thankful for that little song and memory. So we grow
    and leave one thing for another time , always with the Lord. Praise God!
    You are such a blessing to me, a mother teaches a child, nurtures , loves, makes mistakes, overcomes
    and then a child grows (especially in the Lord) and her words teaches a mother , nurtures and loves and leads. Easy to see Jesus in the heart. Love you

    • Kathy Schwanke

      Love the lyrics! I don’t know that song, but I see my reflection in your quoting a song! 🙂

      Full circle…yes. Love you so Mom. Treasure to me.

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