1. Oh how true this is that we overcomplicate things. I like to think of my Mum and how she was with us because I see this love you picture here so much in her. Dad was busy with his work when we were growing up, Mum was the one who showed us love in a much more present way. So, it helps me to picture my Heavenly Father in her: I also think the love she felt for her Heavenly Father flowed out into our lives.

    (Visiting as a fellow 31 Dayer)

  2. terrilynn

    I struggle still to renew my mind – and heart. “Loving father’s sacrifice for their children” struck a sensitive depth of damaged emotions that offer whatever amount of pain I’ll allow, because it offers no experiential knowledge. God continues to heal these places; my struggle to know Him accurately is met with a fierce faithfulness that never fails to pour love salve all over me. I am grateful. Thankful. Giving and gaining.

    Old Spice. I can still smell him. My Papaw Poe. And I’m reminded that I do have some experiential knowledge. He is missed from my inside out. And the healing continues.

    Excellent writing, Kathy. Thank you for the memories.

    • Kathy Schwanke

      Dear Terri,
      🙂 Glad for Old Spice and happy memories. And glad you stopped over today. I pray my memories of the good things with my dad can help heal your empty places.

      I remember my mom crying out to God to “reparent her”. And actually, as good as any parent could ever be . . . we are all from disfunction to some degree and need a purified view of “Father”. I have walked long roads with Him (I read Hide or Seek by Dr. Dobson for myself!) to bring truth and healing to my heart — still-in-process. 🙂

      Thank you so much for being such an encourager to me and for your steadfastness in love for Jesus.

      • Terrilynn

        I’m doing some uprooting with a study called Healing for Damaged Emotions – so it’s one of those places where you’re digging deep, trying to get out roots, really really get rid of stuff. Surgery. But I learned a lot about them in the last two years physically, this is good stuff too – and painful too.

        Purified rings SO right to me … this … Isaiah 48:10 ESV , Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tried you in the furnace of affliction. And then this … 1 Peter 5:10 ESV, And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

        I sense the same thing – nearly audibly – year after year – you have to go here first, before you can get there. The getting there – we have to keep going. It’s so important, that’s what endurance is. Anyway, that’s a whole other cartload. Sometimes life is a furnace of affliction – but every time I’m willing, it has brought growth – in restoration, confirmation, strength, and clarity – wisdom. It makes me talk about God like this for no reason other than I’m learning some stuff that seems worth talking about – I keep seeing I’m not the only one, that’s always encouraging, it’s part of the journey over that hump from here to there.

        So, yeah. Old Spice. Great memory. 🙂

        • Kathy Schwanke

          1 Peter 5:10 is a bit like Old Spice for me. A promise I clung to during my season of anxiety and depression.
          Praise God He is mighty to save, heal and deliver.
          Praying that your heart will be receptive to the love that heals Terri. <3

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