1. Renee

    Dear Kathy,
    The poignancy of your post touched me deeply. Reading it, I considered the past four months, which have been a time of loss and stress for my husband’s extended family, and sometimes it has seemed nearly impossible to look beyond the immediate situation. Even so, with God’s help, we are getting through it. My prayers are with you–that you’ll not only get through it, but that you’ll flourish and abide in His perfect will.
    Abundant blessings to you,

    • Kathy Schwanke

      Thank you Renee, both for your encouragement and for your prayers. I will pray for your family too. May God be seen and our faith be strengthened in our trials.
      God bless you with faith, hope and the power to grasp his unlimited love for you and your family!

  2. Jane Leroux

    My heart cried when I read your blog. Jesus love you my darling daughter. I understand your losses, but your home, it’s hard to “get it” Thank our Father that He is bigger then all our anxious moments.
    He sees you and knows what ‘s ahead, we don’t. Our words cannot fix what only God can. I love you
    more than my heart can hold so I grieve with you and rejoice with you. I also loved your home there.
    You know wherever you are you make the most livable home filled with the love of the Lord for you family.
    It will be amazing to see what God has for you now. I’m sitting here before the Lord asking for favor that excedes your greatest desires. Also that He blesses you abundantly.
    I love you Mom

    • Kathy Schwanke

      Love you too Mom. I’m really doing well after my ‘crisis’ hours … and prayer. Thank you for your words. Your love is balm to my heart. Ultimately I want what God wants for me, it’s just a bit more of a process this time. Landing in trust. 🙂

    • Kathy Schwanke

      Wouldn’t that be a jump instead of a step? 🙂 I’d LOVE to visit you though…especially in the fall!!!
      Continuing to pray for you sister. Thank you for keeping up with me here, and via email. <3

  3. Cheryl Brunkow

    Hi Kathy – in your defense, I had no idea of the struggle you were feeling about this next move when we visited with you Saturday night! You just talked about it like it was the next step in your life, and I marveled that you were so nonchalant about moving yet again. So you aren’t visibly wearing bitterness. Does that encourage you at all? Blessings on you as you discern where God wants you next. Maybe we will be White Bear neighbors again!!! :o)

    • Kathy Schwanke

      It was your company. :0)

      And actually that afternoon while you and I were texting, Dale and I were out on the deck sorting things out and ‘letting go’ together, so by the time you arrived, the cloud had lifted and having you here just made it that much better. And we would love to be back in WBL. God has been bringing us around full-circle a time or two. Maybe again? We will be looking at a few this week in the area.

      • Cheryl Brunkow

        It’s good you have Dale to sort through this stuff with. He sounds like he’s really supportive, and you’re able to grieve and rejoice about life’s challenges and joys together!

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