1. Gloria Stokes

    Kathy, it was so fun seeing the pictures. Of course, I knew you were in the process, but it is fun seeing the turn-around. I can only imagine what it looks like in person. You are two very gifted people.

  2. Kristen

    I was delighted to hear your beautiful voice tell this story! How I have loved your IG pics and FB… but to connect w/ you in a Podcast was lovely! Our lives have just so many parallels! As a real estate broker I love how your transaction (as all do even if the parties don’t see it) had God all over it! I just know I need to meet you some day!

  3. Kathy, I’m over here in tears. It’s so beautiful! You guys did such a great job and to know that the real beauty is on the inside of this story, but for it to show on the outside…well, it fills me right up.
    God, you are so good!
    Thank you, thank you for sharing your story and your heart.

    • Kathy Schwanke

      What a wonderful opportunity to tell the story Amy! Thank you so much. I guess God knew, right? Isn’t that the most stunning, amazing thing? That He is over every detail of our lives, going ahead of us and leveling the mountains, raising the valleys. I just love Him so much and love you!

      Who knew what an IG/Allume meet-up would bring to our lives! God. <3
      Praying He is magnified through our stories. Thanks for saying "yes" and being available to publish His works to the world!

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