1. Enemies of God to a new creation in Christ! So powerful! I love the quote you made, ” There is no relationship without reconciliation.” Yes, so true. Oh, the way that Jesus made for us is beautiful, loving, and full of mercy and grace! Thank you for sharing your words of encouragement. I’m really enjoying this series.

  2. Kathy,
    Wonderful reminder that we need to remiind ourselves what we already know. To Truth is what should drive us every single day. Thank you for sharing this to encourage each of us to choose to remember.

  3. Kathy so many times I am reminded that I was an enemy of God – there is a favorite song I love from Sovereign Grace Ministries called Jesus, Thank You that says, “once your enemy, now seated at your table”. We went from enemies of the King to be seated at the table of the King because of the Cross. The cross is such a mystery – unfathomable! – and you so beautifully reminded us that we can’t change ourselves – we need the Gospel.
    ” So, come to the Cross. The place of grace.” I love that precious reminder – thank you sister xoxox

  4. All of these posts…it is amazing to read of the REST that there is for us. No striving. No working. Instead, receiving and resting in the indescribable gift of Jesus Himself. He KNEW I could never do enough to be holy and “compatible” with God, so He did it for me. He did what needed to be done. Oh, that I would not forget the ENORMITY of His sacrifice, His gift, His love. Praising Him today for making me right with God – me, in my desperate condition.

    Thank you, Kathy, for sharing these beautiful truths!

  5. Kathy, once again, I’m reminded of the simplicity of the gospel, yet the magnitude! You so beautifully guide the reader from “We face our condition daily.” to “So, come to the Cross. The place of grace.” Excellent post! I’m so happy to part of this amazing series along with you.
    Jen 🙂

  6. “…hiding behind our unstable structures” Wow, that strikes a chord with me. When what I really need is to reveal my pride and allow Him to restore my relationships, it’s just so easy to hide instead. But what a gift He is to us, that we can be fully set right and choose to end hostility because of the way He did. Thank you friend, for this needful reminder!

  7. Oh, Kathy – such beautiful truth through this whole post. I’m so familiar with the need for death to my own pride. I love how you wrote this post in such a way that the whole thing is relatable to everyday life. And at the same time, I feel it really holds me even more accountable *because* you’ve written it so that it’s so relatable. The quote from Max Lucado is spot on, isn’t it? Thank you for sharing these truths with us – I’m eager to go through each of the verses you listed and mark them in my Bible. Blessings, friend!!

  8. Kathy, the definition of reconciliation that jumps out at me is “former enemies agree”. Oh my! Because of my sin, I was an enemy of God. But, because of the reconciling work of Christ on the cross, I now agree with God. I love that. Blessings, friend.

  9. This glorious truth of reconciliation was so beautifully drawn out in your post Kathy. The fact that reconciliation is necessitated by hostility (our sin against God) and purchased through death makes it oh, such a precious thing. You brought this out so clearly and powerfully. Thank you for sharing this, friend. Praise be to God.

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