1. Mary McIlquham

    The Spirit at times is just as mysterious as can be…..I was reflecting on selfishness just this morning….not selfishness of the tangible, because I think as a whole people are willing to share the tangible. But what about the intangible, the spiritual gifts. Are we willing to share in the Spirit where God actually moves. I envision sort of a modern-day ark. And a family trying to share their love of God, but a multitude of people who are so blinded by things (the tangible) that they completely miss the purpose and point. Why would I become a Christian (and get on that boat), God doesn’t care…..if you look at the world through non-spiritual eyes, that is what you might truly believe. So brave Noah’s of today are- by pushing through the lies, and press on for the greater picture…the eternal.

    • Kathy Schwanke

      You describe the need of eyes to see beyond the physical, and the temporal to the spiritual and the eternal. May God grant eyes to see Him. That is a prayer I pray often for myself and so many others.

      Thank you for sharing your depth of insight Mary! May God be SEEN! Amen!

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