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  1. This is very good Kathy, makes one look at the workings of God through ones life.
    As a young girl spending a year in Oregon with my aunt, away from home and all that dictated my life
    I was lonesome. I prayed to God, ( I always talked to God, though I didn’t know Jesus personally) I told Him
    I wanted to marry Jim . I didn’t know it was God led. ha ha Well I came home and we married and had 12 children. After the first 6 Jesus came into my life and I was a new creation. Born again, then we had 6 more.
    Through this time we had good times and very hard struggles. The last 10 years continuously increased in
    the grace of Jesus Christ. And now Jim as gone home to be with Jesus and I am alone once again. We will see what He does with me. As I know my path is ordered of the Lord! I am so blessed with our large family! Thank You Jesus!

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