1. My coming to Jesus moment:
    I was 33 and had 6 children, I was what I thought a good person, church every Sunday teaching the children.
    Praying with our children at home but I didn’t know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. My aim was to be good
    for everyone in my little family. We were a Dairy farm family, the work was hard and much to do always.
    I remember making beds and telling the Lord there has to be something more, my husband didn’t understand my restlesness. I tried so hard to please him and do everything right. Then I was invited to a Bible Study and given Kathrine Marshall’s book “Beyond Ourselves”. Fear entered me but I realized I didn’t have this relationship so I asked Jesus to come into my life, Oh boy He did” Haleluia! I’m now 71 and walking in the light of the Lord. I have 12 children, though I lost my son Peter in a farming accident;
    I have 37 grandchildren 5 great grandchildren and 1 on the way. I also lost a precious granddaughter Nicole in a car accident. I am busy with church ministry, caring for some grandchildren when needed and living to survive a new life as I recently lost my husband in an accident. God is my all, Jesus my Savior and Holy Spirit my helper and guide, comfort and my help in my very presant need.
    Thank you Kathy for your lovely blogs, love you Mom

    • Kathy Schwanke

      Mom, what a gift to have your testimony on my blog. “Beyond Ourselves”. I’ll always remember that being the pivotal moment you spoke of. I read the book years ago, and recall her talking about the “prayer of relinquishment”, and in the hard times, there is the call of God, asking us to relinquish everything and in so doing, finding the freedom of letting Him have full responsibility for our lives. It is the way to live free. Surrender. 🙂

      The Bible stories and prayers you prayed in my early years God used to draw me to Himself. I remember specific moments still today of stories from the Children’s bible. Songs you sang, and prayers we prayed.

  2. I adore the story of Rahab. I wrote about her in my Legacy Bible study. Her ‘come to Jesus’ moment was what I called her hinge moment. A hinge moment is that moment in time when we recognize that we must do something different than we have been doing in order to effect a different, and better, outcome than we currently have. Rahab knew the door had to swing a different way, or she and her family were TOAST! She chose well. Great series, Kathy.

    • Kathy Schwanke

      I love it too. Spoke on her story to a group of single moms a few years ago, and focused on the need and blessing of being connected to God’s people. Yes, the hinge moments. Daily we face them, and then the bigger ‘crossroads’ moments like Rahab’s that stand out more clearly. I just pray, Lord, keep me following closely!

      Thanks for your constant encouragement Leah.
      Love you!

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