1. Strange how we do that, size each other up and find where on the measuring stick we come out. And even if we count ourselves among equals we’re still there giving an account of our worth based on all the wrong things. You’re right, there is a better way. Leaning into that with you today.

    • Kathy Schwanke

      I find such joy in having freedom from condemnation over the thing that takes me time to learn Alia. That for me is a huge victory! I feel, in a way it is Jesus covering me to provide a way out when I can render the devil powerless to take me away from living free for the moments because I have at least kicked inferiority and rendered the measuring stick dead. There is no shame in finding neutral ground for our hearts as we are in process. It’s just plain amazing, wonderful grace isn’t it!!!?!!! 🙂
      I love visiting with you!

  2. “Our hollow heart is full. But it is a process to shed our old skin, it doesn’t just fall away instantly”

    how wise the words you have shared
    how needed!

    • Kathy Schwanke

      Yes! We must marvel and rest that it is by His hand, His refining and molding process that we become all He wants us to be! It is to His glory that He is strong in our weakness!!! So I will boast all the more in my weakness that He will be glorified in me! 🙂

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