Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party on a Cold Day in Wisconsin – Helping Cover Feet In Uganda With Our Cast-off Denim

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There is no way of knowing how you will pull something like a shoe-cutting party together and have things flow well. No way. {I just said that to challenge you. I really tried to foresee what might take place, but. My forecaster wasn’t working.}

We ended with forty completed pair of shoes (our pattern was size 7) and 60 incomplete pairs.

Each shoe consists of three pieces of denim, three of the same pieces of quilter’s cotton, and one half-moon shaped piece of plastic for support in the heel of the shoe.

At the end of the party, our shortage happened to be of the quilters’ cotton pieces, which must be cut with pinking shears. Now I know I should have had more people on that job. Which will be relegated to the MOPS women who will be shoe-cutting on Friday. It turns out having two parties planned is a really good idea.


In the background: cutting the bottoms of the jeans and slicing open the legs along the seam…



The tracing and PINKING station:


The plastic heel inserts…


Denim cutting…


Pattern tracing…


Sorting into pairs at the assembly and quality-control station…


Ready for pinning together to ship…


I regret not purchasing a pair of shoes to show the ladies. Their curiosity is intense. For real-intense.

I found out that it’s hard for some people to function in creating if they don’t know what it is…

which forced me to figure out how the shoes would be put together and then explain it in a satisfactory way.

I showed a slide-show and I put a few photos up on this whiteboard…but they barely satisfied the inquiring minds. πŸ™‚

Here is Lucy at work tracing…

image[9] We spent a total of two hours with around 40 women.

If we had set aside an entire afternoon, and if we knew what we were doing . . . having one under our belt, there is no telling HOW many shoes we could have readied for the little feet in Uganda.

Sole Hope just put out a new video. Please watch it to see how they are blessing Uganda with our throw-away denim…And marvel at their great ingenuity along with their loving compassion. Then consider hosting your own cutting party. And please pray for this ministry’s success.


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    • Kathy Schwanke

      We send them to headquarters in NC and then they are sent on to Uganda where they pay the mamas to sew the shoes for the kiddos. <3

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