1. Jillie

    Oh yes, Kathy…I regularly find myself bent and bowed over by circumstance. Sometimes it takes me a while to quiet down and remember to look up. It’s usually something involving a relationship that trips me up. I can walk around and walk around rehearsing conversations in my head, just what I would say to this or that person were they standing right in front of me. Talk about useless and fruitless. Then, suddenly, He reminds me to bring all my anxieties to Him, with thanksgiving, and He pours in the peace that surpasses all understanding. What a patient God He is, yes?

    • Kathy Schwanke

      Yes Jillie!
      If not, He’d have washed his hands of me long ago…
      And I believe the old word for patience is longsuffering… indeed! 🙂

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