New Wine Will Burst Old Wineskins

Jesus brought tension wherever he went. At every turn, His life confronted the Jewish culture. As we study the gospel of Mark, clearly at the start of his three-year ministry, he meeklyย exploded onto the scene which had been quiet for a long time. Israel hadn’t had a prophet for 400 years. God had been silent … [Read more…]

Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party on a Cold Day in Wisconsin – Helping Cover Feet In Uganda With Our Cast-off Denim

There is no way of knowing how you will pull something like a shoe-cutting party together and have things flow well. No way. {I just said that to challenge you. I really tried to foresee what might take place, but. My forecaster wasn’t working.} We ended with forty completed pair of shoes (our pattern was … [Read more…]

Delight Happens When A Heart Truly Hears Heaven’s Truth

Something happened when I was sitting by the fire andย I heard the bird sing outside. It was as if the tune was made conspicuous for my hearing.ย The moment after I heard it, I wondered how it happened that my ears took it in and how often I must miss background details. Rare it is to … [Read more…]