She Speaks {With Wisdom} 2013 My Happy Highlights

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It’s been a week since returning from She Speaks ’13. As soon as the plane landed, I hit the ground running. With 12 days until son’s wedding and daughter moving in between, I’ve been in “get’er done” mode!

Finally I can sit down and recap the weekend spent with women. If I were to describe it all in one word, I’d say FULL.


My head was full, my heart was full and my stomach was full! They literally served us chocolate {read—>>>} CHUNK cookies bigger that my head!!! And I am still working off the chunks even after racing through the past week…especially necessary for the M-O-G dress I will have to squeeze into on Saturday! {Truth: praying for cookie-calories to melt isn’t working!}

The word for the weekend was WISDOM. Lysa gave a message about One Wise Woman and how we can be one based on the wise woman from 2 Samuel 20.

A wise woman:

  • Is courageous, calm and composed.Β 
  • Speaks with humility and respect.
  • Knows who she is, her identity isn’t up for grabs.
  • Establishes a pattern of wisdom and in so doing-is trustworthy.
  • Is humble.

More wise words from the weekend: (my words italicized)

  • We do not compete, we complete. (We are all working together for the same goal-advancing the Kingdom of God) {Carol Davis via Lysa}
  • Write out of your healing rather than your pain. {Susie Eller}
  • Do the “due diligence” to make it work. {Whitney Capps}
  • Don’t turn around and show your backsides during power point. {Tom Davis} -added for a laugh. πŸ™‚
  • Deliberately exceed their expectations/ Adopt the posture of a learner/ Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination. {Michael Hyatt}
  • God repackages the pain of our past and hands it back as a gift. {Karen Ehman} I know this to be true!!!
  • God-sized dreams always involve fear. Fear’s biggest threat is to keep you from your dream. {Holley Gerth}

Other highlights for me: (and I really am bullet-pointing this for my own reference, but please read and click away!!! You will not be disappointed meeting some of my new friends!)

Besides all the great teaching, was meeting and hanging out with my blogging sister Alicia Bruxvoort. She is on my best friend list now. πŸ™‚ And my amazing and beautiful room mate:Β Kassie Rushing.

Upon arriving at the hotel:

I met the most darling two ladies who sweetly called me “Miss Wisconsin” which warmed my heart-it was closest I’d ever felt to being a beauty queen:Β Debbie and Susan founded “The Push” {Women helping Women Through the Love of Christ} and God has blessed them with mentors for over a dozen young girls!!!

In the hallways and in-between:

  • I kept bumping into beautiful-smile-girl. So we chatted in the lunch line and smiled at each other often πŸ™‚ : Allison Hoffman
  • I had lunch with Rev. Dr. Trudy SimmonsΒ ,a truly tender-hearted and beautiful woman.
  • And another gorgeous sister over dinner: Lindsay Morgan Snyder blogs at: Put the Pencil Down
  • As you know, food is a great connecter and I also met adorable Mandy Smith at the table. She blogs at My Joyous Heart
  • Delighted to introduce you to this amazing woman of big dreams: Janet Pearson who founded the “Beautiful You” conference. (And is stunningly beautiful herself!)
  • Barbara Walls has Spiritual Spa Ministries

And from my Speaker Coaching Group (graciously led by the fun and inspiring radio friend, Carol Davis who evidently can’t cook a lickΒ )

  • Sharlene Prinsen (who happens to be my NEIGHBOR~for real!) who has written a book published by Hazelden “Blind Devotion” about PSTD and Addiction.Β 
  • The other 10 wonderful women do not have blogs. Yet. πŸ™‚

I wanted to also tell you in my coaching group, I introduced myself as Kathy Schwanke -rhymes with donkey -and with much laughter, we joked about me using that as my tagline. “God spoke through a donkey. He can speak through me.” πŸ™‚

You really should SAVE THE DATE FOR NEXT YEAR!!! JULY 25-27th She Speaks 2014


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    • Kathy Schwanke

      Seriously? I wonder how it is supposed to be pronounced.. It makes for a good memory prompt, right? πŸ™‚ I am looking forward to meeting you in person Aprille!

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