Trust-What You Do When You Know You Are Loved

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It is written: Perfect love casts out fear. 1 John 4:18

If fear is present that means we are not believing that we are covered in love by God. We are aware of our imperfections. We fear punishment and we want to hide. We fear rejection. We fear failure.

What do you hide behind? My fig-leaf of choice has been performance. “Perform all perfectly and you will be acceptable-loveable-valued.”

God’s truth and His love are the two things that the devil called into question when he asked Eve the deadly questions, “Did God really say that you should not eat from the tree of life?” {Is it TRUE what He said??}…and then he suggested that  God was keeping something from Eve…”You will NOT surely die, you will know stuff that He doesn’t want you to know, something He is hiding from you…”{Does He LOVE you really?}


Basically Satan accused God of being a liar. And Eve took the bait. She failed to trust the God who had kissed her with His breath as He breathed life into her soul.

And then as soon as she doubted God she felt it: she was naked. Shame entered her heart and the desperate need to cover herself became her one focus. She and Adam then sewed leaves together to cover themselves.

Think about that. If you went and gathered large leaves and sewed them together-how long would they last? Would you weary yourself daily gathering leaves and trying to stitch them together before yesterdays’ fell apart or crumbled?

That is what we do, isn’t it?

There he was, the serpent calling into question God’s love and God’s command. Does God love you purely-perfect? Does He have your best interest in mind when He keeps you from something like a tree with yummy looking apples?

When He gives guidelines for our benefit in scripture, do we trust they are for our good?

The truth is God’s love could not be more perfect for Adam and Eve. For you and for me. But the serpent tricked them by appealing to their logic. He got in their head and distracted their heart. For if he had consulted their heart, they would have recalled the completeness they had experienced with God in the garden. Satan is still up to his old tricks…

Are we falling for them?

They were whole before their unbelief in God’s love and their pride in ‘doing it their way’ was called forth by the temptation-the suggestion that God is not good.

So then, Jesus came. And He died. So we could wear his hide.

We hide in Him who is the Righteous Lamb.

At first God had to kill an animal to cover our parents. The first blood was shed to cover sin.

The skins of an animal would last much longer than a leaf, it would be a blanket for their soul.

That God would sacrifice one of His animals was one thing. But His Son!!!

Would you sacrifice YOUR only son to a brutal death for those who don’t believe you? Who don’t honor  you?

Trust But He did. The perfect Lamb of God. Hung bleeding on the cross in His innocence. And remember what he said? “FORGIVE them Father…for they know not what they do.”

He understood our ignorance. He prayed for us and still does today. Hebrews 7:25-26 No more animal skins have to be gathered. We have Christ’s robe of righteousness to cover us. And the wearing of the robe brings deep gratitude and humility. Remembering who we are before the robe of Jesus is given to us-that keeps us desiring to please the Father.

The forgiven are eternally and humble grateful and desire to honor the Forgiver. He says, “If you love me, you will obey my commandments…” John 14:15

Not that we can keep one all by ourself in our old-uncovered skin. We must be covered with His robe and enabled by His power to overcome our need to cover ourselves with things that wear us out.

What are you wearing?

Who are you trusting?


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