• Kathy Schwanke

      Hi Denise,
      I am just a year behind you. I recognize your name (shortybear) from my earlier blogging days when the web wasn’t so full of bloggers. Things have changed since 2008 haven’t they? Glad you popped over!

  1. I am certainly one of those younger moms, the ones that are feeling the rush of life and struggling to keep up… but I am not one of those that leads. Nope I just simply try to keep up…
    But I love hearing from others, reminders of the importance of each step in life – hearing wisdom that I simply don’t have… Thank you for sharing that with me today, for me it was nice… Thanks for sharing your Five Minutes


    • Kathy Schwanke

      I visited your sight Marissa, loved your post today! Thanks for stopping by! You are an example of a shining light in your attention to your family and your contentment in belonging right where you are. 🙂

  2. Stopping by to visit from Lisa-Jo’s. I’m a new Mom – adoptive Mom – struggling to feel like I belong in this part of my journey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Belong today.

  3. May I encourage you being in the same stage as life as you, it is good. There is purpose here that is beyond our understanding. Life is still exciting, still filled with purpose. And we belong right where we are at. I was your neighbor today at Five Minute Friday & am glad that I was.

    • Kathy Schwanke

      Thank you for stopping by and for your encouragement. My life is indeed very rich. I am content most of the time, but there are days when the beast rises up in my face and I must face him down again. That was one of those days and I have a feeling I am not alone in the fight…so glad you are in it with me!

  4. Thank you for sharing these intimate thoughts with us at FMF. I’m following closely behind you in age and have wondered what life will be like once the little ones are gone. I feel like I’ve prolonged my moments in the mothering phase by waiting to have children until nearly 30. I’m already 10 years older than the other mothers at play groups. I’ve wondered if at some point they will stop accepting me as their peer. Some of them already look to me as a mentor (since I’m older I must have things figured out, right?) They just don’t realize that on many days I’m just as unsure and insecure as they are. I’m praying to grow old gracefully. I’m sure you are too. With God’s help, we’ll do it and we’ll find our place of belonging in Him.

    • Kathy Schwanke

      I know what you mean in that I have always had more friends younger than I. But it is the other side of the empty nest where I have been challenged to see things from God’s perspective vs cultural messages. I think we need to acknowledge this challenge for it is one that all women face sooner or later, right?

      To keep in the light of His love and truth is a fight-some days more than others, isn’t it? But it is good for us to keep us sharp, right? 🙂

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