Love’s Necessary Wounds Produce Life

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Things that I know can grow dim without reminders. Have you noticed the need for reminders? I had my grandsons all day and overnight Saturday. I had a reminder of the often draining days of parenting my two. I remember it fondly, the toddler and the baby days, but now I remember it realistically and fondly.

Pastor brought God’s message yesterday. The one I knew but it’s impact had grown dim.

We Christians will face the Judge one day. Not at the White Throne Judgement where unbelievers are judged and given just punishment, but the judgement where rewards are handed out by the King of Kings for our deeds done  while traversing earth’s dirt.

The verdict will be given when we look at Jesus and find Him looking directly into our eyes. What will He say?

“You trusted me for salvation, but nothing else. Here is your crown daughter, but it holds no jewels.” 1 Corinthians 3:14-15


“Well done good and faithful one, you offered me your entire life. Here is your crown resplendent with jewels” Romans 12:1 and Revelation 22:12 and 2 Peter 1:10-11 and Mark 9:41

If when the will of your Father is read and His riches given out, who wants to be on the bottom of the list with near-empty arms?

I’ve heard some say, “I’ll just be glad I made it to Heaven.” Unconcerned with rewards, loving more the earth’s treasures, they brush aside the opportunities to offer themselves to Christ.

What is the work anyway?

That is the question Pastor answered: How to ensure a rich inheritance in the Kingdom of God?


I’d already been thinking a lot about love. Because there has been a strain on my heart. It’s pain that I have labeled: “necessary and inevitable for every mother”. It’s the heartstring-cutting that takes place in the letting go of children. I’d never heard it before, that the sons leaving may cut deeper than when the daughters do.

But it’s true.  And it’s necessary. I know, I am  a wife. Had my husband not been set free by his mother, or if he had chosen to remain overly connected to his mother, I’d have been a miserable wife indeed. Those thoughts have enabled me to allow the necessary cutting of my heart as my son’s wedding approaches in August.

It’s important to acknowledge this pain, not deny it. Trying to stuff or cut off feelings of loss will lead to emotional issues. 

Truth: The heart of true love always dies a little, and oftentimes a lot. Have you noticed? When you love someone, you are willing to give of yourself. To give of yourself requires a necessary dying to what you would otherwise hold on to.

If a friend needs help and you are busy, right there you are faced with the choice of where to cut. Cut your agenda or cut your friendship a little. To cut your agenda is the cut of love.

And I must cut in my heart the desire to hold too tightly my son so that he may love his wife.

What is so amazing about all love’s cutting and pain is that it advances life. And really, that is what love is. Love is dying to self{ish-ness} to give life to relationship.

True love creates life and life is the only real reward.

If you drop your agenda to help the friend in need, the bond developed from the cutting you have chosen is life to your friend and to your bond of  friendship. When I cut ties with my son, a new family is formed.

When suffering from the recent cutting of my own heart in letting go of both my son and my daughter whom I would still like tucked under my wing at times, a vision of Jesus hanging on the cross looking down at His mother clarified for me this lesson.

There He was up there cut-up bloody, in agony.

Love embodied.

He who, in love, gave His body to be cut to death that we might live. And He cut His own heart while hanging there giving His mother to His friend and giving them both everlasting life.

Jesus said this, ‘to gain your life you must lose it.’ and He also said, ‘if anyone would be my disciple, they must take up their cross daily and follow.’  John 12:25 and Luke 9:23

And there it is, the reward. We are all Christ’s reward who receive His love. His cutting bonded us back to relationship with Him.

True love is really the giving of oneself to God. Cutting our own hearts from ties to this world to be in relationship with Him. And then the bond of relationship formed with God enables this kind of self-denying love that produces life in this world that will endure forever in Heaven where our inheritance will be rich.

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