What’s Over the Horizon?

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Over the Horizon

It was four years ago when we first put our farm on the market. We were preparing for that wedding in our yard September 2009, when in July we got the news that Dale’s job was taking him out of town to work. The economy had shifted the end of 2008 and as a result commercial construction slowed and forced his company to ‘go out’ from their hub in Minneapolis.

We thought we would try to sell the farm with my five-year old gift shop and all the tooling in the woodshop to go with it. We knew it would be a long-shot with the economy and the narrow interest we would gain, but thought it worth a try.

When the six month real estate contract was up and we had no buyers, we took it off the market for the winter and put it back on later that year. As you may know from last summer’s posts, we had put the farm on Craig’s List and had buyers mid-May.

But after Dale taking a demotion so he could live near Minneapolis again, and me making an announcement that I was closing Bittersweet Farm, our buyers backed out Labor Day weekend.

We were in shock. But called the realtor and had her list it yet one more time. Two actually, we renewed our contract in April.

Last month on my way out to Bismarck where D is currently working, I heard from our realtor, “We have an offer!” So in the ten days I was there we did several counters via the internet and had an accepted offer.


After all this time, we were kind of getting used to living in limbo. Kind of never thinking of what it would really be like to go all the way through this process of boxing and moving.

We close on our farm the end of August. Is it funny that we have another wedding in August? Fortunately it’s not on the farm this time!

What I haven’t been too ‘loud’ about (for obvious reasons once I tell you)  is that all these four years, my husband has had a dream to switch careers. He has a longing to work at a camp as a maintenance director. He is proficient in building and mechanics and farming and all those things go together for that position at a camp. He would fit the bill perfectly…

He has put in applications to many camps over the course of the past four years with me holding my breath, trusting that if God took me far away from my family, that He would give me the grace to be okay with it. AND the money to travel back often…

I must admit that I have grown more resistant to the thought over time than open to it. But his dream hasn’t died. At one point he suggested it would be best if he waited until closer to retirement age. I was good with that, but truth be told, his enthusiasm keeps making it seem like he is not settling there as I would like him to.

So we are going to do something …temporary. Rent perhaps. Or buy something small and easy to rent out later, or flip.

All along we have known that we are in the center of God’s will. We have an inner assurance that He knows the way we should go. We trust in Ephesians 2:10 and rest in the fact of Psalm 37:23

So now you can wait with us to find out what in the world God is having us do, where He is having us land after all this undoing. And thank you to those who have prayed and are praying still. The past several weeks have been a bit challenging emotionally for me who loves security and stability. Uprooting hurts a bit. And especially when you don’t know where you will be re-planted.

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